Selling your Irvine home is a big step and it takes a big commitment to do it right. Sure you could opt for the DIY Irvine home sale and do For Sale by Owner (FSBO), but is it really worth your time and money? 
Reasons to work with an Irvine Real Estate agent
While you’re weighing the benefits of working with a real estate agent, don’t forget to consider all of details of a home sale that they assist with, including stacks of paperwork and contracts, marketing, negotiating and more.

If you’re ready to start looking for an Irvine real estate agent to work with, then be sure to check out their online reviews.

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And if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you’re going to go it alone, just consider these 5 really good reasons you will benefit from working with an agent.

Handling the paperwork and tricky contracts

Selling your home requires a large amount of paperwork. If you don’t fill out all of the paperwork correctly you can lose a buyer or worse – face legal action.

There is the sales contract, property disclosures, tax records, homeowners insurance, escrow paperwork, pre- and post-occupancy agreements and more to get in order. The things that sellers have to disclose, (by law), may astound you if you haven’t sold a property in a while!

Then you’ll start to understand that not all of the paperwork is self-explanatory. It takes an experienced professional to know everything you need to prepare for your home sale.

A real estate agent is trained to deal with real estate contracts, paperwork and the legal jargon. They've filled out the paperwork time and time again and they know how to use a contract to protect you. The best way to protect you is to work with a real estate agent. An agent can save you the headache and help you avoid any legal troubles as well.

Marketing your home

The most basic way to market a home these days is by listing it online through websites like Zillow, Trulia,, etc. Each website has its own way of how properties may be entered, some only allow agents to upload and others charge a fee. If your home isn't getting in front of searching buyers, you’re not going to get offers.

Not only does a competent agent get your listing sent out everywhere it needs to be online, but they have their own network of contacts, potential buyers they can refer to your home, other agent friends who are working with buyers, past clients, etc. They know to host open houses to get foot traffic, and every other trick in the book to get your home in front of a larger range of buyers.

Negotiating on your behalf

Most people believe they are good negotiators but will you be able to keep you cool when the biggest asset of your life is on the line? It’s takes a professional to go back and forth with possibly dozens of offers to find the best one to work with for your home.

And remember, you’re not just negotiating a selling price. You’re negotiating closing costs, repairs, a timeline, inspections, appraisal; the list goes on and on. The value of a real estate agent isn’t just in hooking a buyer, it’s in negotiating until you get the best deal possible. Plus you can let your real estate agent be the bad guy. A (sometimes) aggressive and hard-nosed agent will represent your interests without turning off potential buyers who want to haggle with price.

Setting the right price

Setting the right price for your home is quite possibly the most important decision you will make during your home sale. The right price will attract the right buyers and have the offers flowing in. The wrong price will make your home a sitting duck on the market.

There are many online home valuation tools, like and Zillow’s Zestimates, but these tools use public data and have no idea that you've just redone your bathrooms, put in granite counter-tops in the kitchen, or that there is terrible traffic-noise from Jeffrey Road!

Studying market trends is one of the best ways to set a price, something savvy real estate agents do on a regular basis. Experienced Irvine real estate agents live their professional lives in the local market, so they know better than anyone what price is right. Working with an agent to help you set the price will give you an invaluable leg-up and set the tone for a successful sale.

Dealing with all the hassle in between

Not only do agents help you deal with contracts, marketing, price, and general negotiating, they help you deal with all the calls, emails and other busy work in between. They’re like your own personal secretary to field calls from interested buyers and agents, answer questions, make appointments and keep the show running smoothly.

Buyers might move on if you don’t respond quickly enough. Your agent is there to do the quick reply and rush over to your home to give a showing. There’s a reason why we have real estate agents – this gig is a full time job!

Before you make your decision, sit down with an agent and decide for yourself if you want to work with a professional. If the answer is “of course I do!”, then find a local agent online, or better yet, contact me and we’ll chat.